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Please E-Mail: to discuss having a Custom Fiberglass F1 Show Car, Custom Fiberglass F1 Racing Simulator or Custom Fiberglass Car made. 

Please see below International clients we have custom made Fiberglas F1 Show Cars, Fiberglas F1 Simulators and Custom Fiberglass Car Projects for.

  • Ferrari S.p.A.™ Fragrance
  • Shell™ V-Power
  • RedBull™ Racing Formula One Team
  • Hewlett-Packard™
  • Virgin™ Sports F1 Team
  • Pirelli C. S.p.A™
  • Infiniti™ Red Bull Racing
  • Total SE™
  • Castrol™ VECTON
  • FxPro™ McLaren F1 Team
  • PETRONAS™ Twin Towers
  • Pirelli P Zero™
  • Santander™ Bank
  • Pepe™ Jeans London
  • ECC™ - European Chamber of Commerce
  • TAG Heuer™
  • Dell™ Technologies Inc
  • SPIA ASIA™ Sports Industry Awards
  • The British Chamber of Commerce™
  • Lotus™ F1 Team
  • ING Bank™ Renault F1 Team
  • P Zero™
  • Kimoa™
  • CKAS™ Motion Simulators
  • Vodafone™ Mercedes
  • F1 Racing Simulator™ International Corp


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